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Online PH Meter
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Product Overview


Online PH meter has the characteristics of full Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, full intelligence, multi-function, high measurement performance, strong environmental adaptability, etc., widely used in electric power, chemical, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, biochemistry, food and water supply industries. According to different occasions, pure water, sewage, two compound or three compound electrodes can be selected, using flow type, sinking type or orchid installation.


Technical Indicators


Display mode: Chinese LCD display, Chinese menu operation;
Measuring range: 0 ~ 14.00pH, -1000 ~ +1000mV, 0 ~ 80℃;
Temperature range: automatic 0 ~ 99.9℃, manual 0 ~ 99.9℃;
25℃ conversion: pure water and ammoniated ultra-pure water 25℃ conversion;
Resolution: 0.001pH, 0.1mV, 0.1℃;
Precision: ±0.01pH, ±0.1mV, ±0.3℃ Input impedance: > 1012Ω;
Current isolation output: optional three photoelectric isolation type current output, software setting 0 ~ 10 mA (load < 1.5 kΩ) or 4 ~ 20 mA (load < 750 Ω);
Early warning relay: three photoelectric isolation relay output, A220V, 3A, early warning signal isolation output;
Communication interface: photoelectric isolation RS485, optional RS232, Ethernet communication or wireless communication;
Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, optional DC24V to DC15V can work normally;

Protection class: IP65;

Working conditions: ambient temperature 0 ~ 60℃, relative humidity ≤90℅;
Data storage: 1 month (1 o ‘clock /5 minutes) Power failure storage: > 10 years;
Weight, size: 0.8kg, 146×144×180 mm Installation: wall mounting/rack mounting;
Standard configuration: one secondary meter, one measuring pool, one electrode, one package of pH (4, 7, 9) standard liquid;


Main Features


· Chinese LCD display, Chinese menu operation, belongs to microcomputer type high-grade instrument.

· Automatic cleaning: Automatic cleaning electrode time can be set by the user interface.

· Double high resistance input circuit: low internal resistance PH electrode, good instrument stability, fast response, strong anti-interference.

· Solution ground connection: eliminate ground loop interference.

· Microcomputer: Using high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT technology, to complete multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation, automatic range conversion, instrument self-test, high accuracy and good repeatability.

· High reliability: touch button, no switch knob, no adjustable potentiometer.

· Waterproof and dustproof design: Protection class IP65, suitable for outdoor use.

· Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/RFI) design: Designed and manufactured according to European standard EN50081/50082.

· Achieve 25℃ conversion: Nernst electrode slope temperature compensation, pure water and ammoniated ultra-pure water 25℃ conversion.

· Electrode diagnosis: a variety of calibration methods, E0, S query, monitoring electrode performance.

· Analog communication function: three separate current output, can output PH, current and other data, provide customization; The upper and lower limits of the output corresponding to the pH value and temperature value of the current can be set arbitrarily.

· Data communication function: RS485 communication or RS232 interface, can be customized Ethernet communication or wireless communication.

· Password management: Calibration, parameter setting and maintenance are password protected.