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Hangzhou Modi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of various water quality analysis instruments. At present, various water quality analyzers developed and produced by ourselves are widely used in water source monitoring, environmental pollution source monitoring, water treatment process monitoring, municipal pipe network water quality monitoring, water quality safety monitoring, rural drinking water monitoring, circulating cooling water monitoring, industrial circulating water reuse monitoring, pure water process monitoring, industrial aquaculture monitoring, swimming pool water operation management monitoring and on-site emergency water quality safety Total monitoring and all the above areas that require water quality analysis. Modi-Tech has the courage to open up, has always attached importance to relying on scientific and technological progress to promote the rapid development of enterprises, pays attention to the collection and utilization of new technology and new product information at home and abroad, supports and attaches importance to product development, takes technology input and knowledge input as elements, so that science and technology can be rapidly transformed into productive forces, creating conditions for the formation of the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises. Keep the contribution rate of new technology products above 30%; Modi-Tech through the above efforts in exchange for fruitful technical achievements, successfully developed a number of new products, participated in the development and marketing of a number of scientific research projects, and developed all water quality online monitoring products in the environmental protection industry.

Modi-Tech products have covered the entire content of environmental water quality online monitoring, the company has obtained nearly 40 patents (including 4 invention patents), as a high-tech enterprise, the company has passed the double soft certification and ISO9001 system certification. In addition, Modi-Tech has won the support of China’s innovation Fund for the advanced technology adopted in the ammonia nitrogen online analyzer, and won the third prize of regional science and technology progress. Modi-Tech closely around the science and technology, industrialization, internationalization of business ideas, the formation of a variety of interdisciplinary, with elite product research and development team, the company’s existing personnel of undergraduate and postgraduate education accounted for more than 90% of the total number of employees. Through these talent advantages and advantages, the company’s products have obvious advantages in upgrading and market competition.