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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter
product details

Product principle


GFM ultrasonic open channel flowmeter uses the time difference between ultrasonic emission wave and reflected wave to measure the water level in the standardized metering weir (groove), and converts it into the flow rate by using the ISO flow standard calculation method through the transmitter.



Performance Parameters


Measuring range: 0.1 L/s ~ 10 m/s;
Cumulative flow: 99999999m 3;
Measurement accuracy: 3‰ ~ 5‰;
Repetition accuracy: 1‰;
Blind area: 0.25m ~ 0.5m;
Ranging range: 0 ~ 10m;
Ranging accuracy: 3‰;
Ranging resolution: 1mm;
Frequency: 40KHz / 24KHz;
Direction Angle: 4°/ 6° (full Angle);
Pressure: below 4 atmospheres;
Display: with LCD display liquid level height;
Output: 4 ~ 20mA;
Application: common occasions;
Power supply voltage: DC24V/AC220V, lightning protection device built-in;
Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃;
Protection class: IP65;