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Strategies and practices to fulfill corporate responsibility and achieve sustainable development, in the framework of the unity of environmental, social and economic values, continue to explore and accumulate successful business development experience. It breaks the deadlock that similar products are difficult to break through, and ensures that the products have the core competitiveness of low price, low maintenance, high accuracy and wide application scope compared with their peers.


· Require all employees of the company to “the service and products of the company are as important as the character”;

· “Lean quality, excellent service” as the purpose of the enterprise;

· To “advocate innovation, excellence” as the spirit of the enterprise;

Continuous independent research and development and innovation, promote the enterprise to achieve better and faster development, and build the industry’s high-quality water quality3 analysis instrument independent brand.


In the development of Hangzhou Modi-Tech has been the concern and love of people from all walks of life, and the high recognition and trust of consumers. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the development of the company.

Achievement of customers, integrity, unity and struggle, cooperation and sharing.

Innovation is the driving force of social development, the soul of human civilization, and the core of enterprise development.

Win-win respect for customers, agents, dealers and employees to pursue their own interests, and strive to achieve the common development of enterprises and society, in the development of the road forward to help each other, to achieve win-win goals.

There is no end to development, and the pursuit remains the same. Hangzhou Modi-Tech Co., Ltd. will continue to integrate domestic and foreign talents, technology, law, information resources to enhance the modern taste of enterprises, will be “quality for lean, service for superior” corporate purpose and “advocating innovation, excellence” of the spirit of enterprise look forward to more people of insight to create brilliant and meet the more challenging tomorrow.