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Residual Chlorine Online Analyzer
product details

Product Overview


Cl Industrial Residual Chlorine Online Analyzer has a high degree of intelligence and flexibility, can simultaneously measure residual chlorine, temperature, widely used in electric power, water supply, medicine, chemical, food and other industries, for continuous measurement of residual chlorine in water.


Basic Functions


· Highly Intelligent

Cl industrial residual chlorine online analyzer adopts imported core devices to ensure the quality of the instrument.


· Flexible Design

Automatic and manual temperature compensation can be selected to meet the needs of users.


· Current Output

Isolation technology, strong anti-interference ability, can choose the measurement parameters and set the upper and lower limits.


· High and Low Alarm

Hardware isolation, each channel can be arbitrarily selected measurement parameters, hysteresis can be preset.


· 485 Communication

Convenient computer monitoring.


· Temperature Compensation

Automatic temperature compensation at 0 ~ 50℃.


· Waterproof and Dustproof:

The instrument has good sealing.


The Main Features


menu design: object-oriented menu design, so that the operation is simple and clear;

multi-screen display: there are 3 display modes in the instrument, which is convenient for users to have different requirements for display modes;

residual chlorine calibration: provide residual chlorine zero calibration and slope calibration, menu design is clear;

digital clock: provide timing function;

widescreen display: 128*64 LCD backlight soft, display clearly;

instrument stability: function to ensure normal continuous operation of the instrument;


Instrument Technology Parameters


Measuring range residual chlorine: 0 ~ 20.00mg/L, resolution 0.01mg/L;
Measurement accuracy residual chlorine: ±1% or ± 0.01mg/L take the larger;
The minimum detection limit: 0.01mg/L;
Repeated residual chlorine: ±0.01mg/L;
Stability residual chlorine: ±0.01 (mg/L) /24h;
Current isolation output: 4 ~ 20 mA (load < 750Ω) current output; Measurement parameters (FAC, T) can be independently selected;
Output current error: ≤±1%FS;
High and low warning: AC220V, 5A, each way can independently select the corresponding measurement parameters (FAC, T);
Alarm hysteresis: can be set according to the selected parameters;
Working environment: ambient temperature 0 ~ 60℃ relative humidity <85%;
Installation mode: circulation type;
Overall size: 148 (length) ×155 (width) ×118 (depth) mm;
Opening size: 92×92 mm;
Instrument weight: 0.5kg;