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Water Treatment Process Instruments
Sludge Interface Instrument
product details

Application Field


Water supply plant: sedimentation tank.

Wash mine: sedimentation tank.

Electricity: mortar sedimentation tank.

Sewage treatment plant: initial lake pool, secondary sedimentation pool, concentration pool.


Performance Characteristics


Chinese menu, waveform display, easy to operate, simple and convenient;

4-20mA current output, PB bus and wireless transmission;

Automatically adjust the transmitting power according to the mud layer;

Advanced mathematical model operation, anti-interference design.

Probe cleaning equipment (optional)


Measurement Principle


The ultrasonic wave emitted by the sensor will reflect when it encounters the mud layer, and the time between the emitted wave and the reflected wave can be measured, and the distance between the sensor and the mud layer can be obtained. The distance from the sensor to the bottom of the pool is set by the user. This gives the thickness of the mud layer D=L-H.


Technical Parameters


Measuring range: 0.5~10m;
System accuracy: 0.02m;
Resolution: 1mm;
Accuracy: ±5.0%FS;
Repeatability: ±1.0%;
Power: ≤15 W;
Live display: LCD widescreen display;
Analog output: 4-20mA, maximum load 750Ω;
Digital output: isolated RS232 (optional);
Switching output: 2 relays, capacity 220AVC/2A;
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz;
Transmitter: Measuring range: 0.4~10m, 20m;

Material: 304, 316 (optional)