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Sludge Concentration Meter
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Product Overview


The Sludge Concentration Meter series is a series of maintenance-free MLSS analyzers designed for water treatment and is available in a variety of probes, transmitters, mounting brackets, or all-in analyzers.


Measurement Principle


The infrared light sent by the sludge concentration meter transmitter in the transmission process after the absorption, reflection and scattering of the measured object, only a small part of the light can be irradiated to the receiver, the infrared light transmission is proportional to the concentration of impurities in the measured medium, and the concentration of impurities can be calculated by measuring the transmission of the transmitted light.

Sludge concentration meter instrument four-beam measurement principle, using two emitters and two monitors to obtain a series of light paths, form a measurement matrix, convert the measurement results. Multi-path measurements eliminate interference and compensate for pollution, allowing measurements in harsh environments. With a flush port, you can choose to manually or automatically clean attachments on the sensor.


Technical Parameters


Operating temperature: Sensor: -20~60℃;
Measuring range: Activated sludge, 0 ~30g/L;
Silica: 0~100 g/L;
Display mode: LCD widescreen display;
Measurement unit: g/L and mg/L two options;
Resolution: 0.05%;
Accuracy: 0.05%;
Repeatability: ±1.0%;
Power rate: ≤15 W;
Analog output: 4~20mA, load 750Ω;
Digital interface: RS-232, Profibus communication interface (optional);
Switching output: 2 relays, capacity 220VAC/ 2 A;
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50 Hz;
Material: stainless steel;
Cable: shielded cable;
Installation mode: submerged, pipe type;
Process connection: ZG1;
Dimensions: 50x96mm;
Connection thread size: M32mm;
Medium pressure: ≤3 bar;
Signal cable: 10M (optional);
Protection level: IP68 (invasive installation);