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The Control of Water Pollution is a Long-term Task
Date:2024-07-03 Browse: 10

Over the years, water pollution control has been our concern, but also an important task for long-term implementation! In order to solve this problem, all major places are persevering! But still in the learning solution, the day to solve, but does not mean that it will not be polluted in the future, so say that this is a cycle of work!

In the past, we have learned about the occurrence of “black pollutants” in drinking water sources in the border area of Yunnan and Guizhou! Local because drinking water sources from time to time out of black coal water, so washing things can not be washed clean, seriously affecting the drinking safety of villagers. In addition, for a long time, chemical additives have been used as a means of increasing agricultural production, and fertilizers are used in large quantities. If it rains again, some fertilizers will enter the reservoir along with rainwater and surface water and other ways, polluting the water layer.

In fact, there are many examples of water pollution, which can be seen around us at any time! So what we have to do is to repeat how to govern, so as to avoid tragedy!

If the enterprise blindly pursues high yield, arbitrarily increases the amount of pollution, and the treatment of purification equipment is limited, many places discharge wastewater along the river, but they do not realize what harm the large-scale pollution brings to the ecological environment. So what we have to do is to do a good job of monitoring water quality, and also do a good job of management, so that drinking water and all aspects of the water source are used in line with the standards!

Improving water quality, water pollution control is a long-term task! Effective solutions are needed, from water quality monitoring to governance! Water quality online monitoring equipment can detect water quality problems, so as to make the corresponding treatment methods!

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