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Learn About Water Pollution Prevention and Monitoring
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In the basic circumstances of the relevant units, each discharge source and its monitoring points, monitoring indicators, implementation standards and limits, monitoring frequency, sampling and sample storage methods, monitoring methods and instruments and other indispensable parts, the sewage discharge unit will work in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise environmental protection department. This chapter water quality online monitoring instrument manufacturers will understand the relevant content of water pollution prevention and control monitoring together with you!


First, The Content of Water Quality Testing Includes


1) Monitoring the discharge of water pollutants to the environment (organized discharge of wastewater);

2) Monitoring of surface water, groundwater and other water quality environmental media around the discharge unit;

3) The monitoring of key process parameters closely related to toxic pollutant emissions can be replaced and supplemented by parameter testing.

4) Monitoring of the treatment effect of pollution treatment facilities: if environmental management has special requirements for pollution treatment facilities, or the discharge unit considers it necessary to grasp the operating status of pollution treatment facilities, the treatment effect of pollution treatment facilities should be monitored.


Second, Monitoring Methods


Monitoring methods include manual monitoring, automatic monitoring, or a combination of manual and automatic methods. The competent department of environmental protection has automatic monitoring requirements for monitoring indicators, and the pollutant discharge unit shall install corresponding automatic water quality monitoring equipment. In addition, if automatic monitoring is used, continuous monitoring throughout the day must be ensured; Then the unit using manual monitoring must be monitored according to the required frequency, and the normative documents issued (including planning and standards) have clear requirements for the monitoring frequency of monitoring indicators, and must be implemented according to the requirements!