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Pay Attention to The Health Issues of Water Quality and Prevent Rivers From Becoming “Sewers”
Date:2024-07-04 Browse: 6

At present, China’s surface water quality is generally mild pollution, but the pollution in surface water has reached thousands of kinds, the main pollution indicators are permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, etc., of course, there are some to be included in the detection indicators, but this does not mean that they are not harmful!

In 1984, China promulgated and implemented water pollution prevention and control methods, until the subsequent 1996, 2008 were revised, and all aspects were more rigorous. Even so, due to the impulse to pursue GDP, the shortcomings of the system and mechanism, and the lack of social responsibility of enterprises, the overall situation of our environment is very severe. Especially the kind of rivers that flow through many provinces, cities and regions, of which the main stream and tributaries are distributed along the coast of countless polluting enterprises, plus some urban domestic sewage discharge. Agricultural non-point source pollution and other multiple injuries, so that many of our rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. At this time, the relevant departments have taken measures to monitor and manage these discharged water, and do not let our rivers become “sewers”.

China has established a corresponding coordination mechanism in the management of rivers across the region, in order to play a more effective role, but also should be detailed division of functions and powers, so that the maintenance of river ecological security has become an inevitable thing. At this important moment, we should pay attention to the health problems of water quality, do not let the river become a “sewer”, water quality online monitoring is essential work!

Water quality monitoring includes COD (chemical oxygen demand), TOC (total organic carbon), total phosphorus, total nitrogen, biological toxicity, Escherichia coli, ammonia nitrogen, total residual chlorine and other parameters! The corresponding products are: COD (chemical oxygen demand) online analyzer, total organic carbon online analyzer, total phosphorus online analyzer, total nitrogen online analyzer, water quality biological toxicity online analyzer, water quality Escherichia coli online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, total residual chlorine online analyzer, etc.