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Different Objects With Water Standards are Different
Date:2024-06-28 Browse: 13

The standard of water quality refers to the water quality parameters required by the water objects (drinking water and industrial water objects, etc.), and the indicators and limits that should be reached. So different water objects, the water quality standards are also different. Due to the continuous progress of science and technology and the increasingly serious pollution of water sources, water quality standards are always constantly modified and supplemented.

The quality of industrial water or production water varies greatly due to the different nature of production, so it should be determined according to the production process requirements. The quality of industrial water is closely related to the development of industrial production and the improvement of product quality. The requirements for water quality for various industrial uses shall be formulated by the relevant industrial departments. Fire water quality, generally no specific requirements. The quality of drinking water shall meet the requirements of the current “Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water” (GB5749-85).

Although China’s current “drinking water sanitation standards” has increased a lot of items, but for more seriously polluted water sources, due to the limitations of the current traditional water supply process, there is still no absolute guarantee in health and safety, some toxic and harmful substances have not been included in the “drinking water sanitation standards”, which requires further revision and improvement of the standard.

Compared with the developed countries in the world, China’s “drinking water sanitation standards” stipulated fewer items. (For example, total limits for pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and organic oxides are not included. Therefore, if the water source pollution is more serious and the water quality items that have not been included in China’s “drinking Water sanitation standards” can be referred to the relevant foreign standards and after comprehensive evaluation, then the conclusion can be made.)

Sometimes in order to save drinking water, the water system is set up to supply water that is not drinking and not in direct contact with the body, such as toilet flushing, ground flushing, car flushing, pouring road and green space, air conditioning cooling water, etc. The water quality of miscellaneous water should meet the requirements of the “domestic miscellaneous Water Quality Standard” (CJ25.1-89), and it can also be considered to use seawater, rainwater, self-provided well water, reused water and treated domestic wastewater.

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