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Online Monitoring of Water Quality to Ensure Safe Water Use in Summer
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It is understandable that water is the source of life, and it is our duty to protect water resources! Nowadays, the problem of water resource pollution is severe, so utilizing online water quality monitoring instruments to strengthen water quality safety monitoring has become an important part of the construction of water ecological civilization cities.

With the arrival of summer, the temperature keeps rising. This means that the high-temperature water supply period has arrived! All major water management groups should ensure water supply safety through pipe network scheduling, online water quality monitoring, and rapid repair to ensure safe water use in summer.

Traditional water quality testing involves on-site sampling and then bringing it to the laboratory for testing, which is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive. And now the changes in water quality are diverse, so the requirements for water quality monitoring are also higher. How to conduct real-time water quality testing is a key issue that needs to be considered in current water resource protection and restoration. The online water quality monitoring instrument collects water quality data on an hourly basis, which can enrich the water quality database. At the same time, it also provides effective supervision means to grasp the quality of water resources in monitoring sections, strengthen unified management of water resources, and help water quality monitoring work to a new level.

From this, it can be seen that the use of online water quality monitoring technology can effectively compensate for the shortcomings of manual sampling and detection methods, better implement the policy of water resource protection and restoration as the main focus, coordinate the development of the economy, society, water resources, and water ecology, and create a better living and growth environment.


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