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What is the Background of Online Monitoring of Swimming Pool Water Quality Reflected in?
Date:2024-06-07 Browse: 25

A swimming pool is a specialized place where people need to engage in swimming activities or engage in teaching competitions. Speaking of which, there is another important issue to note that swimming pools require regular filtration and disinfection to keep the water clean. In this way, online monitoring of swimming pool water quality is imperative! In this chapter, the manufacturer of online water quality monitoring equipment is here to learn about the background issues of building online water quality monitoring for swimming pools!

Excessive addition of some disinfectants can lead to excessive residual chlorine content, which can irritate the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and skin mucosa, cause hair to fade, and may even cause more serious damage!

The part of the pool water is not effectively recycled and purified. Filling the swimming pool with water will definitely result in insufficient water, and the insufficient amount of water to be updated will cause an increase in urea! So what are the drawbacks of exceeding the urea limit?

· After the urea in the water exceeds the standard, it will turn green and emit a foul odor. From a visual and olfactory perspective, customers are unwilling to play in such a poor environment swimming pool.

· In fact, everyone knows that urea itself is harmless, but in a pool with limited space, there is so much urea, and so many people are in this space. If these people continue to add urea to the space that already has excessive urea, it will definitely have adverse effects on human health. These excessive urea will corrode everyone’s scalp and irritate people’s skin, corneas, and so on.


Reflection on the Background of Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring


Real time online monitoring of environmental water quality, including pH value, turbidity, urea quality indicators, and free residual chlorine content, can facilitate swimming pool management personnel and health and safety supervisors to grasp the dynamic analysis data of water quality in swimming pools. Once these data exceed the limit value, the system will remind and the health supervisor will immediately supervise the operator to rectify.

We know that the disinfection work in the swimming pool is difficult to control. This is because swimming pools mainly use chlorine containing disinfectants, as mentioned above, excessive residual chlorine in pool water can cause many adverse symptoms. But if it is too low, it will not have a disinfection effect. Nowadays, the real-time online monitoring system for water quality has played a significant role, as it can monitor the residual chlorine content in water after disinfection and automatically adjust it. If excess chlorine is found, immediately stop disinfection and inject new water; But it was found that the residual chlorine was too low to have a disinfection effect, so it was disinfected again!

In summary, the total residual chlorine in the online monitoring project of swimming pool water quality is necessary!

The RCl900 total residual chlorine online analyzer produced by Hangzhou Modi is a fully automatic online monitoring instrument controlled by an embedded system. After the water sample and anti-interference agent are automatically injected into the reactor, characteristic color reagents are automatically added for color reaction, and the absorbance of the reactants is measured; The online analyzer can directly measure the total residual chlorine content in water through the absorbance value.