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How to Improve the Lifespan of Online Water Quality Monitoring Instruments?
Date:2024-06-03 Browse: 14

In fact, the lifespan of the received instrument is different when the same device is used by different people. Some people have developed problems and broken down early on, while others are still using it normally. Actually, this is closely related to the maintenance of online water quality monitoring instruments! In this chapter, the manufacturer of online water quality monitoring equipment will come to understand with you how to improve the lifespan of water quality online monitoring equipment.

Regular maintenance of instruments is crucial!

· Instrument multi-point linear test

Select standard solutions of 4-6 concentrations uniformly within the linear range of the instrument for testing, and calculate their slope and correlation coefficient. If significant changes are found in the slope and correlation coefficient of the standard curve, the performance of the monitoring instrument should be checked while ensuring reagent quality and non-human factors. The multi-point linear test of the instrument standard curve is generally conducted every six months to ensure that the instrument is in good operating condition.

· Regular cleaning of online monitoring systems

Although the online water quality monitoring instruments produced by Moody have automatic calibration, measurement, and cleaning functions, if the water quality is poor and contains a large amount of suspended substances, over time, sediment will appear in the water collection and distribution pipelines, reaction tanks, sensors, electrodes, and peristaltic pump pipes, which can cause changes in sensor sensitivity or affect the volume of samples and test solutions injected into the reaction tank, resulting in deviations in the results of the detection and analysis instruments.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can reduce deviations and effectively control errors within a certain range. After cleaning or replacing pipelines, sensors, peristaltic pump pipes, etc., the instrument is recalibrated to ensure that the system is always in good condition, ensuring the reliability of monitoring data and extending the service life of the instrument.