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Can Water Inspected By Waterworks Be Used Safely?
Date:2024-07-09 Browse: 9

The tap water we usually use is through the pipeline, reservoir, secondary water supply, etc., to our faucet, the middle is likely to be two or even three times polluted, of which rust is one of the factors that pollute the water quality. Long-term use of such water is harmful to the human body. Can all the water quality monitoring of the waterworks be used safely?


In fact, this issue has been highlighted by relevant personnel on different occasions, and the specific situation is as follows:

1.Tap water standards are set to take care of the actual water quality in our country’s vast areas, just the basic safety line, in other words, just like our exam 60 points pass, the standard of qualified tap water is a pass line.

2.There are so many indicators in tap water, which cannot guarantee the termination of various elements harmful to the human body, but common harmful substances, so even if all projects are completed and qualified, it cannot guarantee the existence of harmful substances outside these projects.

3.Tap water safety standard is a safe basic guarantee line. In real life, everyone’s physique is different, and everyone’s tolerance to harmful substances after use is also different, if it is a person with a tolerance below the average level, it may be harmful to the content of the vast majority of acquaintances.

4.There are some harmful substances that are accumulated, such as heavy metals. We use it in safe doses, but when it accumulates in the body, it can cause some diseases.

5.There is residual chlorine, which is also present in tap water and will harm the human body!

To sum up, we can learn that. Waterworks monitoring whether qualified water can be used at ease, this is not absolute! We can only say that we are still working hard to improve, so that everyone can use safe tap water. In spite of this, online monitoring of water quality is still not lax, and even more attention should be paid to it!



After the water is stopped, due to the old water pipeline, it is inevitable to have rust, sand and even bacteria red worms. At this time, remember that you must not use tap water directly!