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The Health Assessment of Lake Water and River Water is Inseparable From Water Quality Monitoring!
Date:2024-07-04 Browse: 9

On the earth, I do not know when more and more people’s activities began to seriously pollute the lake and river, leading to the gradual deterioration of the ecological environment, so the ecological health of the lake and river has received the attention of the people!

So when it comes to the health assessment of lake water and river water quality monitoring, in the early stage, there are only several indicators such as biochemical oxygen demand and COD (chemical oxygen demand). However, with our continuous progress, a large number of waste water flows into rivers and lakes, causing serious pollution, resulting in more organic matter, heavy metals, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and other indicators.

The common physical and chemical analysis method is accurate for online monitoring, but it reflects the water body condition under specific conditions, and a number of compounds in river and lake water participate in various complex effects, such as synergistic and antagonistic effects, which brings great difficulties in monitoring the physical and chemical indexes of water quality in feedwater. And because aquatic organisms are an important part of the aquatic ecological environment, the extent of damage to organisms caused by environmental changes is directly reflected, so it is urgent to effectively achieve the purpose of water environmental monitoring!

Hangzhou Modi-tech production of water quality online monitoring product series, according to different parameters have different monitoring methods (colorimetric method), and will provide the corresponding technical solutions, monitoring results in line with standards, accurate and reliable results! The main products are: COD online analyzer, total organic carbon online analyzer, water heavy metal online monitor, total nitrogen online analyzer, total phosphorus online analyzer, etc.