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Join Modi to Learn About Wastewater Control Measures
Date:2024-07-10 Browse: 12

The wastewater in life is the water discharged from residents’ activities, industries, etc., as well as rainwater. What should we do to prevent this waste water? In this chapter, we will learn about the prevention and control of wastewater with Modi! There Are Several Cases:

1.Environmental system monitoring and protection of drinking water sources. Much of the water that enters the drainage system through sewers ends up in rivers and lakes, and the vast majority of it is untreated. Then the prevention and control measures to do is to do a water quality online monitoring before the water is discharged, to see whether it is qualified, and to treat the unqualified and then discharge it.

2.Can not throw waste batteries at will, a simple and small button battery can pollute 600,000 liters of water.

3.Do not throw garbage into the toilet, such as cooking oil, cigarette butts, sand, food scraps, paper towels, etc. These substances can make sewage treatment more difficult (including throwing cigarette butts in the water, which can release pollutants in the water and take a lot of time to degrade).

4.Choose cleaning products with less impact on the environment, which will also reduce water pollution;

5.We usually go to the dry cleaning shop, is the use of chemical laundry, the use of chemical products will be a great harm to the environment, so try to reduce the number of dry cleaning.

6.Do not discard garbage and sewage in the water source (such as: river water, lake water, etc.), do not dig ditches, do not wash cars near the water, do not bathe in the water source, swimming, etc.!

7.Ensure that the waste generated by the car is properly treated, and choose an environmentally friendly way to wash the car.

8.If some water sources have been polluted, then what we have to do is to monitor the water quality and deal with it in time!