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What is the Accuracy of Water Quality Monitoring? How to Evaluate?
Date:2024-06-13 Browse: 14

Under the supervision of the environmental protection department, various water pollution problems have been discovered, so it has been gradually implemented that some related industries must install water quality online monitoring equipment (and it is not necessary to deal with it, and relevant departments will conduct inspections at any time). So when it comes to online water quality monitoring, there will be some issues involved. In this chapter, let’s learn about the accuracy of water quality monitoring and how to evaluate it!

We know that water quality monitoring is a process of monitoring and measuring the types, concentrations, and trends of pollutants in water bodies, and evaluating water quality conditions. The methods used for monitoring are not singular. Most of the water quality online detectors produced by Moody’s use colorimetric methods, but not all use colorimetric methods. It still depends on the user’s specific needs!


What is the Accuracy of Water Quality Monitoring?


Accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the measured value and the true value, and the accuracy of monitoring data is affected by the on-site fixation, storage, transmission, and analysis of the sample. It is generally characterized by the accuracy of monitoring data. Accuracy is commonly used to measure the degree of conformity between the analysis results obtained by a specific analytical program (the mean of a single or repeated measurement) and the assumed or recognized true value. The accuracy of an analytical method or system is a comprehensive indicator used to reflect the systematic or random errors of the method or measurement system, which directly determines the reliability of the analysis results. Accuracy is expressed in absolute or relative error.


How to Evaluate Accuracy?


Evaluate the accuracy of analytical methods and measurement systems by measuring standard samples or using standard samples for recovery determination. The evaluation method is as follows:

1) Standard sample analysis: By analyzing standard samples, the accuracy of the analysis can be understood from the results obtained.

2) Recovery rate determination: Adding a certain amount of standard substance to the sample to measure its recovery rate is a commonly used method in the laboratory to determine accuracy. From the results of multiple recovery experiments, systematic errors in the method can also be found. Calculate the recovery rate P using the following formula: recovery rate p (%)=(measured value of spiked sample – measured value of sample)/spiked quantity x 100%.


A Brief Introduction to the Manufacturer of Online Water Quality Monitoring Instruments


Hangzhou ModiTech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology company that develops, produces, and sells various water quality analysis instruments. The self-developed and produced water quality analyzers are widely used for water quality safety monitoring in different industries.


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