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Hazard Monitoring of High-salt Wastewater Discharged from Thermal Power Plants
Date:2024-06-12 Browse: 19

On the issue of effluents we must pay attention to! Because the free discharge of wastewater will bring harm to the ecological environment, but also harm the human body!


Among Them, the Hazards of High-salt Wastewater Discharged from Thermal Power Plants Include


· Corrosion of metal pipes and equipment, affecting the life of wastewater transportation and treatment facilities;

· Impact of sewage biochemical treatment system, resulting in sewage treatment facilities can not operate normally;

· Affect the further reuse of reclaimed water;

· Affect the ecological environment of water, cause soil salinization and pollute groundwater. This basically determines the non-reuse of high-salt wastewater. Some power plants use discharge water to flush ash, slag water system and dry ash moisture control methods to treat high-salt wastewater, but this method has great limitations, dry ash moisture control can not absorb the amount of wastewater, affecting the discharge.

Speaking of this, otherwise it can be seen that wastewater quality monitoring is the work we must do. We monitor the parameters contained in the wastewater discharged from the thermal power plant in real time through the water quality online monitoring instrument, and if it exceeds the standard, it must be treated and then discharged. As for what kind of parameters you need to use the water quality online monitor, or according to your own situation!


Water Quality Online Monitor Manufacturer Brief Introduction


Hangzhou Modi-Tech Co., Ltd. R & D production of a variety of water quality analysis instruments production, sales of comprehensive technology companies, their own R & D production of a variety of water quality analyzer is widely used in different industries water quality safety monitoring.


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