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What Issues Should Be Noted in the Routine Environmental Inspection of Wastewater?
Date:2024-06-14 Browse: 15

With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to wastewater! So what are the key issues to pay attention to during the routine environmental inspection of wastewater! In this chapter, the manufacturer of online water quality detectors will learn and understand together with everyone! Mainly start from the following 10 points:

1.Firstly, prepare sampling bottles, test strips, pry bars, ropes, etc;

2.Find the residents around the polluting enterprises to understand some basic information about factory pollution;

3.Conduct a patrol around the factory building to observe the condition of the sewage discharge outlet;

4.Present the law enforcement certificate at the scene – present it and then send someone to the security guard to avoid anyone reporting – make an on-site inspection notice – law enforcement documents;

5.Go to the production workshop to understand the specific production, variety, and basic information;

6.Go to the pollution source treatment device, check the operation of the facilities, and check the operation records (water quality online monitoring and analysis);

7.Go to the discharge outlet of the environmental polluting enterprise for sampling (in the main discharge outlet workshop) to obtain evidence, and find relevant environmental protection officials or legal persons of the polluting enterprise to understand and verify the situation;

8.Make on-site inspection records;

9.If any issues are found:

1) Send notice of appointment (based on self inspection and rectification report and implementation of rectification requirements);

2) Require polluting enterprises to write a situation explanation and rectification report (for further evidence collection);

10.Monitoring data for equal sampling: If it exceeds the standard, a case will be filed and corresponding penalties will be imposed, and a notice of rectification will be issued.


The following water quality online testing equipment manufacturers will join you in understanding the supervision issues of sewage discharge outlets!


1.Firstly, check the position of the sewage discharge outlet to see if it meets the regulations;

2.Check the number of sewage discharge outlets of the polluter to ensure compliance with relevant regulations;

3.Check if it complies with relevant pollutant emission standards;

4.It is stipulated to set up monitoring sampling points, and then check whether there is a standardized flow measurement section that is convenient for measuring flow and velocity;

5.The main discharge outlet must be equipped with environmental protection signs, and whether online monitoring and monitoring equipment is installed as required.


[Drainage Review]


For those with flow meters and pollution source monitoring equipment, it is necessary to check the operating records;

If there is a water supply device or a water consumption certificate, the drainage amount shall be calculated based on the water consumption;

For those without measurement data and valid water consumption vouchers, estimate the number of water and drainage systems for similar enterprises according to relevant Chinese standards and manuals.


[Discharge Water Quality]


Check whether the water quality of the discharged wastewater meets the requirements of China or local pollutant discharge standards.

Check the models and specifications of monitoring instruments, meters, and equipment, as well as the calibration and verification status.

Check the monitoring and analysis methods used and the online water quality monitoring records. Depending on the situation, on-site monitoring or sampling may be necessary if necessary.

Check the situation of rainwater and sewage separation, and check whether the pollutant discharge unit implements clean and sewage separation and rainwater and sewage separation.


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