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Understand the Principles and Issues Related to Water Quality Monitoring in Water Purification Plants
Date:2024-06-11 Browse: 16

Although technology is constantly developing, the problems that come with it have not decreased, even more! For example, water quality issues, the deterioration of China’s water environment, and the situation of water pollution prevention and control are very severe. There is no sewage standard for discharge, and there is a lack of effective measures. Sewage treatment is a key factor in increasing water pollution. This shows the importance of online monitoring and treatment of sewage quality!

There has been significant progress in water quality monitoring in China’s water purification plants. Water quality is a reflection of the development level of comprehensive information management in water treatment plants. The promotion and use of online water quality monitoring instruments in the water supply industry plays a very important role in the automation technology control of water treatment plants. It can be said that without online water quality monitoring instruments, automation of water plant control cannot be achieved. However, in order to achieve effective and precise automatic control, the accuracy, timeliness, and stability of the instrument are crucial. So what are the principles for online monitoring of water quality in water treatment plants?

For some water treatment plants, controlling the quality of incoming water is one of the key issues. Microbial pollutants and the type and quantity of effluent water in water purification plants will directly affect their effects. Improper treatment of excessive pollutants or toxic raw water will have a greater destructive effect on the system. Therefore, in order to ensure the sustainable development and stable operation of the water purification plant, relevant monitoring personnel must conduct strict online monitoring of the water quality components of the influent, so as to meet the standards set by Chinese enterprises and the water supply industry, and ensure that the treatment information system technology of the water purification plant can operate normally. In addition, it is necessary to safely and effectively treat the harmful substances generated during the water purification process, strictly manage and monitor the water treatment process, and monitor and track relevant water quality indicators to avoid polluting the treated effluent. Water quality monitoring in water treatment plants includes two aspects: regulating the water treatment process and optimizing the service of purified water. In the operation and management process of relevant technology processes in water treatment plants, we must constantly adjust and monitor water quality according to different development levels, timely study and discover quality and safety issues of water quality, and take effective treatment measures. Detailed, accurate, authentic, and effective inspection reports must be provided during the water quality monitoring process. This is because precise data technology plays a very important role in water quality monitoring and the adjustment and development of corresponding online monitoring equipment, providing certain guarantees for the reasonable operation and management of water treatment information systems.


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