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What is Online Automatic Monitoring of Surface Water Quality?
Date:2024-06-07 Browse: 21

The principle for the layout of automatic water quality online monitoring stations for surface water in China is to set up important river boundaries, tributaries into river (river) mouths and sea mouths, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers entering and exiting lakes, as well as border rivers and inbound and outbound rivers, and water conservancy engineering projects.

The major environmental protection bureaus have started a long time ago, and some major basins have carried out pilot work on the construction of automatic monitoring stations for surface water quality, and have built automatic monitoring stations for water quality in key sections of major rivers and the Taihu Lake Lake basins. The automatic online water quality monitoring system fully utilizes real-time monitoring and early warning functions. It has played an important role in cross-border pollution disputes, pollution accident warning, environmental impact assessment of key engineering projects, and ensuring public water safety.


Composition of Automatic Water Quality Online Monitoring System


The automatic monitoring station for surface water quality is mainly composed of a surface water automatic monitoring system. The system consists of a remote control center and a water quality automatic monitoring substation. It is centered around online automatic analytical instruments and utilizes modern sensing technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer technology, etc. to form a comprehensive water quality online automatic monitoring system. The central station is located at the China Environmental Monitoring Station.

So the monitoring items in the online water quality monitoring station include water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, turbidity, permanganate index, total organic carbon (TOC), ammonia nitrogen, and lake water, as well as total nitrogen and total phosphorus. The analytical instruments used are all instruments that meet relevant technical requirements and have been verified as qualified.

The general monitoring frequency can be set to once every 2 or 4 hours (i.e. 12 or 6 monitoring data per day). When significant changes in water quality or pollution accidents are found, the monitoring frequency can be adjusted to continuous monitoring.

To ensure the data quality of automatic monitoring, the central station has implemented quality management measures of “weekly verification and monthly comparison” for each custody station, regularly calibrating instruments, using electrode equipment, regularly replacing aging electrodes, and continuously strengthening the quality management of automatic monitoring.


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