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Suspended Solids (SS) Online Analyzer
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Product model: SS-800


Product Overview


Based on the combined infrared absorption and scattering light method, the ISO7027 method can be applied to continuously and accurately measure the concentration of suspended solids and sludge. According to ISO7027, the infrared double scattering light technology is not affected by chromaticity to determine the concentration value of suspended solids or sludge. According to the usage environment, it can be optionally equipped with self-cleaning function. Stable data and reliable performance; Equipped with self diagnosis function to ensure accurate data; Easy installation and calibration.


Product Features


· Multi beam mutual compensation technology eliminates measurement errors caused by optical window fouling;

· Optical bandpass filtering and modulation of excitation effectively avoid the influence of ambient light on measurement data;

· Digital sensors have strong anti-interference ability and stability, and the length of sensor cables can reach several hundred meters;

· Sensor plug and play, automatic recognition, support for dual channel input;


Technical Parameters


Size: diameter 60mm * length 256mm;
Weight: 1.65KG;
Material body: PVC; O-ring: fluororubber; Cable: PVC;
Waterproof grade: IP68/NEMA6P;
Measurement range: 0.01-20000 mg/L, 0.01-45000 mg/L, 0.01-12000 mg/L;
Display accuracy: less than ± 5% of the measured value (depending on sludge homogeneity);
Flow velocity: ≤ 2.5m/s, 8.2ft/s;
Pressure range: ≤ 0.4Mpa;
Storage temperature: -15 to 65 ℃;
Measure ambient temperature: from 0 to 45 ℃;
Calibration: sample calibration, slope calibration;
Cable length: 10m standard integral cable, can be extended by 100m;


Appearance Dimensions