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Online Turbidity Meter
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Essential Information


The turbidity sensor is a key component of this instrument, equipped with photoelectric converter components, integrated circuit boards, stainless steel water tanks, etc., for better care and maintenance. The turbidity display instrument has been set and debugged before leaving the factory, and there is a password inside, so users do not need to set it.

Calibrate the potentiometer to adjust the accuracy of the instrument. When the metrology department verifies this instrument, or if the user confirms that the measurement value is not accurate due to reasons after using the instrument for a long period of time, and has zero degree water and 10NTU standard turbidity solution, the accuracy of the instrument shall be calibrated by the inspector or user themselves.


Main Technical Performance


This turbidity meter is designed based on specific requirements for water quality, the current production process of drinking water in China, and the water source situation in China. They not only focus on ensuring the measurement accuracy requirements of the factory water, but also take into account the needs of sedimentation water and source water detection. Using a four digit display, the reading is simple, accurate, and has high accuracy. It maintains three significant decimals within 0-10NTU and two significant decimals within 11-100NTU.

The range of our turbidity meter can be divided into 1-10, 0-20, 0-100, 0-500, 0-2000NTU, etc.

Accuracy: <FS (full range) ± 2%
Reproducibility: <FS ± 1%;
Resolution: 0.001NTU/0.01NTU/0.1NTU;
Hourly drift: <0.1NTU;
Sampling volume: 200ml continuous;
Adaptation temperature: 4-40 ℃;
Relative humidity: <70% RH;
Power supply voltage: 200-240V 50HZ;
Power consumption: <25W;
Volume: 400x320x120mm;