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Special Parameter Online Monitoring Instrument
On-line Urea in Water Analyzer
product details

Model: URA900


Measurement Method


Determination of urea content in water by colorimetric method.

· can achieve a variety of choices, timing measurement can be realized every day in any user want to monitor the time to start the instrument for measurement;

· Isochronous measurement can automatically start the instrument for measurement every few hours at a fixed time interval every day;

· Continuous measurement can realize automatic sample measurement one by one, which can be used for product acceptance and related technical certification;

· Manual measurement can realize the user to start the measurement at any time, and can be used for field experiment comparison and equipment installation and debugging;


Product Introduction


UREA900 on-line urea in water analyzer is mainly aimed at on-line monitoring of urea in various surface waters in China. It is an instrument with high repeatability, multiple monitoring methods, and can ensure that the water sample can accurately obtain monitoring results through arbitrary setting of reaction time, and can also provide 4-20 mA, RS232 and other data transmission interfaces to facilitate remote transmission of data to the user monitoring center.


Technical Parameters


Measuring range: (0.01-10) mg/L;
Accuracy: <10% when >1mg/L, <±0.1mg/L when <1mg/L;
Repeatability: <5% when >1mg/L, <±0.5mg/L when <1mg/L;
Zero drift: ±0.5mg/L;
Range drift: ±10%;
MTBF (trouble-free running time) : ≥720 h/ time;
Actual water sample comparison: ±10%;
Measurement time: can be arbitrarily set, generally 10min;
Correction mode: automatic timing correction or manual correction;
Reagent consumption: only 2mL reagent is consumed per measurement;
Data transmission: 4-20 mA, RS232, etc
Ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C
Size: 530×1340×390mm;
Weight: approximately 45kg;
Power supply: (220±20) VAC /(50±0.5) Hz;
Power consumption: approximately 100 W.




Measuring Time Can Be Arbitrarily Set

It can ensure that any water sample can react completely, and the setting of measurement time ensures that any water sample can accurately obtain detection results through the instrument.


Flexible Calibration of Standard Solutions

Automatic timing calibration or manual calibration, where the calibration standard solution can be configured and set according to the actual bromate content range of the user’s water sample according to the principle of proximity, because the water sample that the user wants to monitor is generally limited to a certain range. The instrument can adjust the accuracy of the measurement by preparing a standard solution that is close to the actual bromate content of the user’s water sample according to the principle of proximity.


Diversified Online Monitoring Methods for Instruments

Implement measurement methods such as manual measurement at any time, automatic timed measurement, and automatic periodic measurement.


Maintenance Cycle

Clean the filter screen of the external sampling pump every three months based on the actual water sample situation; Clean the quantitative tube every six months or choose to replace it; Syringes and reaction tanks can be replaced once a year as an option; Replace the filtration module in the pre-treatment device once a year.


Pre Treatment Device

The pre treatment device will automatically wash and maintain after each measurement is completed, and the pre treatment device has a separate control box that can be manually cleaned and maintained separately.


Secondary Pollution

All chemical reagents used are recovered and there is no direct discharge to the outside world.


Fuel Injection Pump Long Service Life

The syringe only needs to be replaced once a year.