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Special Parameter Online Monitoring Instrument
Nitrate Nitrogen Online Analyzer
product details

Product Model: NO3N-8000


Measurement Principle


The water sample is injected into the reaction tank through the injection pump, and then the pH value of the solution is adjusted, and finally the characteristic color developer is added to carry out the color reaction under acidic conditions, and the colorimetric determination is carried out under a certain wavelength, and then the nitrate nitrogen content in the water sample is calculated according to the Lambert-Beer law.


Typical Applications


Automatic analysis and monitoring of nitrate nitrogen content in surface water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.


Technical Parameters


Measuring range: 0-1/5/10/20/50/100mg/L;
Reproducibility: better than 5%;
Accuracy: ±10%;
Measurement cycle: approximately 10 minutes;
Instrument calibration: automatic;
Reagent replacement cycle: 3 months;
Display large screen: 8.0 inch large color LCD touch screen, resolution 800×600;
Self-test system: self-monitoring of leaks; Instrument status self-diagnosis;
Analog output: 1 channel 4– 20mA analog output;
Relay control: 2 24V 1A relay high and low point control;
Data communication: RS232;
Data storage: one year of valid data;
Operating temperature: 0 ~ +50°C;
Power supply: 220 ±10% VAC; 50-60Hz;
Power consumption: approximately 50W;
Size: 530×1340×390mm.


Instrument Features


· The water sample pretreatment device adopts maintenance-free design, which can ensure that the maintenance cycle of the pretreatment device exceeds half a year.

· New resolution design, resolution time can be adjusted, greatly reducing the measurement time.

· A set of equipment can be used for the determination of nitrate and nitrogen in water and can be used for the determination of nitro and nitrogen in water.

· All imported components, analytical flow path design and reagent formulation ensure extremely high measurement reproducibility, currently up to 5%.

· Automatic operation, no personnel on duty, can achieve automatic zero, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions.

· The on-line monitoring methods of nitrate nitrogen analyzer are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods.

· The response speed is fast, and a single measurement takes about 10 minutes.

· Automatic leakage alarm function, when there is a reagent leak, the instrument automatically alarms, prompting the user to maintain.