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Special Parameter Online Monitoring Instrument
Formaldehyde Online Analyzer
product details

Product Model :HCHO-8000


Measurement principle


Optical colorimetric method,Real time measurement of formaldehyde content in water.


Systematic Review


HCHO-8000 Formaldehyde online analyzer is a fully automatic analyzer controlled by embedded system, which can be applied to real-time online monitoring of formaldehyde content in various water quality. After the sample is filtered, it is pumped into the reactor, the masking agent is injected first to eliminate the interfering substances, and then the acidity of the solution is adjusted to make the solution have a suitable pH, and then the characteristic color developer is added to react with formaldehyde in the water for color development, and the absorbance of the reactants is measured. The content of formaldehyde in the sample is calculated by the size of absorbance.


Technical Parameters


Test range: 0 ~ 0.01\0.1\1\10 \100mg/L;
Measurement type: automatic timing measurement or manual measurement;
Measurement interval: can be set arbitrarily;
Measurement time: approximately 20 minutes;
Measurement accuracy: 10%;
Reproducibility: 5%;
Signal output: standard 4-20mA analog output, maximum load 400 ohms or 0-5V, other RS485 or RS232 optional;
Sample temperature: no pressure; Sample temperature: 0-50℃;
Agent replacement: 3~4 weeks according to the operating temperature changes;
Ambient temperature: 5-40 ℃;
Protection class: IP55;
Power: Power supply: 220VAC;
Weight: 45kg;
Size: 530×1340×390mm.


System Features


· The water sample pretreatment device adopts maintenance-free design, which can ensure that the maintenance cycle of the pretreatment device exceeds half a year.

· The chemical reaction time can be adjusted, and the determination process and results meet the relevant standards.

· All imported devices, analysis flow path design and reagent formulation ensure measurement reproducibility, which can reach 5% at present.

· Automatic operation, no personnel on duty, can achieve automatic zero, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions.

· Online monitoring methods are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods.

· Automatic leakage alarm function, when there is a reagent leak, the instrument automatically alarms, prompting the user to maintain.

· Operation and maintenance is extremely simple, no professional training is required.

· The electrical part and the fluid part are isolated, and the embedded control system is used for fully automatic operation.