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Special Parameter Online Monitoring Instrument
Fluoride Online Monitoring Instrument
product details

Product Model :T8000-F


System Description


The T8000-F fluoride online monitoring instrument is a new generation of fully automatic maintenance free online monitoring equipment developed based on Chinese standard methods. After acidification, the fluorinated substance in the solution is uniformly converted into fluoride ions. After adjusting the pH value of the solution, a characteristic colorimetric agent is added for colorimetric determination. This method has wider applicability and accuracy than the ion selective electrode method, and is not affected by the severity of water quality. The standard specification implemented is HJ488-2009, which is also a standard method in China.


Measurement Method


After acidification, adjust the pH value of the solution and add a characteristic colorimetric agent for colorimetric determination.


Technical Parameter


Measuring range: (0-5/20) mg/L;
Measurement accuracy: <10% when >1mg/L, <±0.1mg/L when <1mg/L;
Repeatability: <5% when >1mg/L, <±0.5mg/L when <1mg/L;
Zero drift: ±0.05mg/L;
Range drift: ±10%;
MTBF (trouble-free running time) : ≥720 h/ time;
Actual water sample comparison: ±10%;
Measurement time: can be arbitrarily set, generally 10min;
Correction mode: automatic timing correction or manual correction;
Reagent consumption: only 3mL reagent is consumed per measurement;
Sampling inside the instrument: using injection pump;
External sampling: submersible pump and self-priming pump are provided respectively;
Pretreatment device: The pretreatment device will automatically carry out washing maintenance after each measurement, and the pretreatment device has a separate control box, which can be cleaned and maintained manually.
Secondary pollution: all the chemical reagents used are recovered, and there is no direct emission.
Data transmission: It can also provide 4-20MA, RS232 and other data transmission interfaces;
Ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C;
Mechanical size: 530×1340×390mm;
Weight: approximately 45kg;
Power supply: (220±20) VAC /(50±0.5) Hz;
Power consumption: approximately 100 W.


Measurement Method


· Timing measurement can be realized every day in any user want to monitor the time to start the instrument for measurement; The isochronous measurement can be realized every day ;

· The instrument can be automatically started every few hours at a fixed time interval for measurement;

· Continuous measurement can realize automatic sample measurement one by one, which can be used for product acceptance and related technical certification;

· Manual measurement can realize the user to start the measurement at any time, and can be used for field experiment comparison and equipment installation and debugging.


Maintenance Cycle


· Clean the filter screen of the external sampling pump every three months according to the actual water sample;

· Clean the dosing tube every six months or choose to replace the dosing tube;

· The syringe and digestion tank can be replaced once a year; Replace the filter module in the pretreatment unit once a year.




· Flexible calibration of standard solution to ensure high accuracy;

· Optical quantitative algorithm ensures high repeatability;

· The flexible setting of reaction time ensures that any water sample can be accurately monitored;

· Long service life of the injection pump, only need to replace the syringe once a year;

· Submersible pump and self-priming pump are used for external sampling;

· The instrument online monitoring methods are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods.