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Industrial Process Water Online Monitoring Instrument
Surfactant Online Analyzer
product details

Product Model: LAS900


Analysis Methods


Colorimetric method is used to determine the total content of various surfactants in surface water and industrial wastewater.


Measuring Principle


Online extraction technology is used to enrich colorimetric determination and reduce the detection limit. The detection limit of conventional methods is 0.2ppm, while the detection limit is reduced to 0.002ppm through online extraction technology.


Technical Parameters


Measuring range: 0-0.1/0.5/1/2/5)mg/L;
Measurement accuracy: <10%;
Repeatability: <5%;
Zero drift: ±0.05mg/L;
Range drift: ±10%;
MTBF (trouble-free running time) : ≥720 h/ time;
Actual water sample comparison: ±10%;
Measurement time: can be set arbitrarily, usually 15 minutes.;
Data transmission: capable of providing 4-20mA, RS232, etc.;
Environmental temperature: +5 ° C to+40 ° C;
Size: 590x700x360mm;
Weight: approximately 35kg;
Power supply: (220 ± 20) VAC/(50 ± 0.5) Hz;
Power consumption:  approximately 100 W.


Provide Multiple Measurement Methods:


· Timed measurement can enable users to start the instrument for measurement at any time they want to monitor every day;

· Isochronous measurement can automatically start the instrument every few hours at fixed time intervals every day for measurement;

· Continuous measurement can achieve automatic sample measurement one after another, which can be used for product acceptance and related technical certification;

· Manual measurement can enable users to start measurement at any time on site, and can be used for on-site experimental comparison and equipment installation and debugging.


Product Advantages


LAS900 surfactant online analyzer has the best technology in China, because the relevant standard method measures a sample time is fixed, the purpose is to ensure that any water sample can be accurately measured, through the arbitrary setting of the reaction time to ensure that any water sample can accurately obtain monitoring results. The calibration standard solution can be configured and set according to the actual surfactant content range of the user’s water sample in accordance with the principle of proximity, because the water sample to be monitored by the user is generally limited to a certain range, by the principle of proximity configuration of the standard solution close to the user’s actual water sample content to correct the accuracy of the instrument’s adjustable height measurement.