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Industrial Process Water Online Monitoring Instrument
Calcium Ion Online Analyzer
product details

Product model: T8000-Ca


Measurement Method


Characteristic color development method. Ultraviolet digestion and characteristic color determination can accurately measure the total amount of calcium ions in surface water, groundwater and industrial wastewater.

· A variety of options can be realized, timing measurement can be realized every day at any time the user wants to monitor the instrument to start measurement;

· Isochronous measurement can automatically start the instrument for measurement every few hours at a fixed time interval every day;

· Continuous measurement can realize automatic sample measurement one by one, which can be used for product acceptance and related technical certification;

· Manual measurement can realize the user to start the measurement at any time, and can be used for field experiment comparison and equipment installation and debugging.


Technical Parameter


Measuring range: (1-500/1000) mg/L;
Measurement accuracy: <10%;
Repeatability: <5%;
Zero drift: ±0.05mg/L;
Range drift: ±10%;
MTBF (trouble-free running time) : ≥720 h/ time;
The error value of actual water sample comparison is: ±10%;
Measurement time: 15-60min can be set arbitrarily;
Digestion time: 5-60min, can be set arbitrarily;
Correction mode: automatic timing correction or manual correction;
Data transmission: provide 4-20 mA, RS232, RS485, GPRS and other data transmission interfaces;
Ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C;
Mechanical size: 590×700×360mm;
Weight: about 35 kg;
Power supply: (220±20) VAC /(50±0.5) Hz;
Power consumption: about 100 W.


System Features


· Maintenance Free Design

The water sample pre-treatment device adopts a maintenance free design, which can ensure that the maintenance cycle of the pre-treatment device exceeds six months;


· Chemical Digestion Time Can Be Adjusted

The chemical digestion time can be adjusted, and the measurement process and results meet relevant standards;


· Adjustable Quantitative Sampling Device

Ensure that the instrument accurately measures various water samples by adjusting the reagent dosage and sampling amount;


· Non Contact Injection Pump

The use of reagents adopts a non-contact injection pump to avoid direct corrosion of the reagent pump, which can extend the service life of core components and reduce user usage costs;


· All Imported Devices

The analysis of flow path design and reagent formulation ensures measurement reproducibility, with a current measurement reproducibility of up to 5%;


· Fully Automatic Operation

No need for personnel on duty, it can achieve intelligent functions such as automatic zero adjustment, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, and automatic recovery;


· Diversified Online Monitoring Methods

It can achieve measurement methods such as manual measurement at any time, automatic timed measurement, and automatic periodic measurement;


· Leakage Reminder Function

When there is a reagent leak, the instrument automatically prompts the user to perform maintenance.