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Heavy Metal Online Monitoring Instrument
Online Barium Monitor
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Product Model:T8000-Ba


System Overview:


T8000-Ba automatic online barium analyzer is a new generation of automatic instrument developed technically based on standard method. This product is a maintenance-free online water quality monitoring equipment launched by ModiTech on the basis of years of research on water quality analysis products. The pre-treated water sample is injected into a special reactor by an injection pump for pre-treatment of the water sample. After the reaction, the water sample is detected by highly selective synthetic substances and special sensors with electrical signals that have a linear relationship with the content of barium in the water. According to the degree of electrical change, the content of barium in the water sample can be calculated.


System Features:


The water sample pretreatment device adopts maintenance-free design, which can ensure that the maintenance cycle of the pretreatment device exceeds half a year.

The measurement process and results can meet the requirements of national standards and environmental protection industry.

Microsampling technology ensures low reagent consumption.

All imported components and innovative analytical flow path design and reagent formulation ensure measurement reproducibility, which currently reaches 5%.

Automatic operation, no personnel on duty, can achieve automatic zero, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions.

On-line monitoring methods are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods.


Technical Parameters:


Measurement method: Optical colorimetric method;
Test range: 0-1/5/10 mg/L;
Detection limit: 0.1mg/L;
Accuracy: <10% reading;
Reproducibility: <5% reading;
Response time (>90%) : about 20min;
Test method: Timed measurement, equal interval measurement, manual measurement at any time;
Correction mode: automatic timing correction;
Pretreatment maintenance: automatic recoil cleaning;
Daily maintenance: automatic maintenance,

user maintenance interval>1 month;

Self-checking System: self monitoring leaks; self diagnosis of instrument status;
Analog output: 4– 20mA analog output;
Relay control: 2-way 24V 1A relay high and low point control;
Data transmission mode:  RS232, RS485;
Display: 8-inch large-screen color LCD display, touch screen, resolution 800×600;
Data storage: one year of valid data;
Operating temperature:  +5 ~ 40°C;
Power supply: 220 ±10% VAC; 50-60Hz;
Power dissipation: about 50 VA;
Size(W×H×L): 530×1340×390mm;
Weight: approximately 45Kg.