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Drinking Water Online Monitoring Instrument
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 0n-line Analyzer
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Product Model:TOC-8000


System Description


Pretreated water sample was injected into UV dige­stion tank by injection pump. Inorganic carbon in sample reacts with strong acid and transfer to carbon dioxide , which escaped from gas-liquid separator. Then, TOC of sample is oxidized by strong oxidizing agent and transfer to carbon dioxide,which were brought into condenser by carrier gas. After Filtered solid particles and interfering substance, the condensed carbon dioxide was brought into Non-dispersive infrared(NDIR) Gas measuring room.

NDIR output signal is related to the concentration of carbon dioxide and so with TOC in water these way, The TOC value of water can be directly measured through the photoelectric signal determination.




Principle: NDIR detection method;
Range: 0 -50/5000 mg/L;
Limit of detection: 0.5mg/L;
Accuracy: 10%;
Repeatability: < 5 %;
Responds time: adjustable, >7min;
Mode: timing, interval sampling, manual;
mode Calibration: automatic;
Reagent consumption: 2mL every time;
Maintenance: automatic, interval > Smooths;
Analog output: 4~20mA analog output;
Data transmission: RS232, RS485, GPRS;
Display: 8 “color touch screen, 800X600dpi;
Data restore: valid within 2years;
Operating temperature: +0℃-40℃;
Power: 220 VAC±10% /50~60Hz;
Power dissipation: about 100W;
Size: 530* 1340*390 mm ;
Weight: about 45kg;




· Proprietary UV digestion device, Can greatly shorten the digestion time , Achieved the real real-time on-line analysis .

· Measurement results completely meet the relevant ISO or national standards.

· Proprietary adjustable quantitative sampling device.ensure accurately measuring all kinds of water samples by adjusting the dosage of reagent and sample volume.

· Non-contact injection reagent pump is adopted to avoid the reagent corroding injection pump directly, which can greatly extend the life of the core parts and reduce the costs.

· imported components,innovative analysis flow design and reagent formula ensures high measurement repeatability.

· Fully automatic operation without personnel unattended, such as automatic zero, calibration, measurement, cleaning.

· The diversity of on-line monitoring: manual measurement and automatic timing measurement.


*APPLICATIONS:drinking water, sewage, surface water, groundwater.