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Drinking Water Online Monitoring Instrument
E. coli (Bacteria) Water Quality On-line Analyzer
product details

Product Model: WECT900


System Introduction


E. coli (bacterial community) online analyzer USES the international standard, the method of enzyme and bacterial culture reaction is directly proportional to the light signal changes after this one principle, reflects how much the total number of bacteria and coliform bacteria in the sample.


Working Principle


The E. coli (bacterial community) test technology is a bacterial detection system based on biological sensing technology that provides an effective means of responding to water pollution. The measurement principle uses the standard method specified in the international standard ISO 9308, which can ensure compatibility with various water quality for online automatic monitoring of E. coli (bacterial community). The number of E. coli (bacterial community) in the water sample can be represented by the degree of weakening of the solution light intensity compared with the toxin-free blank control experiment.


Technical Parameter


Measurement method: enzyme substrate assay;
Detection parameters: total coliform or thermotolerant E. coli (bacterial population);
Measurement range: 1/100ml – 1 x 10^9/100 ml;
Repeatability: 5%;
Resolution: 1%;
Measurement time: less than 12 hours;
Cleaning and maintenance: automatic cleaning and disinfection before and after measurement;
Measurement interval: continuous or user-defined, adjustable;
Calibration period: every three months;
Human-machine Interface: large color LCD touchscreen display,resolution: 800×600;
Data storage capacity: Minimum of one year;
Output options: RS232, RS485, 4-20mA;
Normal operating


– environmental temperature range of 0~40℃;
– power supply requirement of 220V AC±10%, frequency of 50Hz±5%;
– power consumption not exceeding 200W;
– No significant vibration and electromagnetic interference in the external environment, avoid direct sunlight;
Size (W×H×D): 530×1340×390mm;



Scope of System Application


Widely used in drinking water source safety, emergency assessment and multi-bacteria determination, can be used for early warning of water pollution incidents, but also can be used to warn of general water pollution incidents and food poisoning incidents.




Easy to oPerate

Integrated report generation, real-time monitoring of the whole reaction process, and dynamic display of the test project response curve.


Flexible Detection

The measurement period is short, the response speed is fast, and the detection process can be set freely.


Quality Control and Calibration

Automatic quality control and calibration to ensure the consistency and reliability of test results.


Fully Automatic Control

The user can program the detection parameters to adapt to different applications, automatically start the cyclic detection mode for suspicious samples, and start the control center alarm when the machine calls again after power failure, automatically resume the working state.


Reliable Operation

Low cost of use and maintenance, automatic completion of sample and reagent dispensing, mixing and cleaning, avoid cross-contamination, easy maintenance, low operating cost, small reagent consumption, weekly maintenance, only need to replace reagents, disposable consumables cost is low.