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What Impurities Are in Drinking Water Sources? How is Monitoring Arranged?
Date:2024-07-11 Browse: 12

Water pollution has always been our “heart disease”, it directly threatens our survival and development. This problem has aroused everyone’s attention, how to do a good job of water quality online monitoring such a project is very important! This chapter water quality online monitoring instrument manufacturers to understand together with you what impurities in drinking water? How often is it monitored?

In nature, water resources are widely distributed, which can form a good circulation state through infiltration, precipitation and other ways, so that all water sources are constantly used. However, due to the improvement of people’s living standards, industry, agriculture and other months of rapid development, in which the existing problem is that industrial waste water, agricultural waste water and so on into the water resources, the natural water resources to destroy, so we have to pay attention to the pollution of water resources, do the corresponding defense measures!


Where water quality monitoring plays a role, how should it be arranged? It can be divided into the following steps:

Selection of Monitoring Points

this will be selected in the river to take a water point, water quality sampling work;

Online Monitoring of Water Quality

The detection frequency refers to China’s relevant laws and regulations, the initial monitoring of the moisture is generally once every 3 months, the conventional monitoring is once every 6-12 months, the initial detection of lakes and reservoirs is once every 2 months, the routine test is once every 3-6 months, the initial monitoring of river water is once every 2 weeks, and the routine test time is once every 1-3 months. According to the monitoring indicators to reflect the indicators in the water, clear the degree of pollution and specific pollutants.

Monitoring of Factory Water

clear monitoring frequency, control indicators, main indicators and comprehensive indicators;

Water Quality Monitoring of Water Supply Units

select and monitor standardized water quality sampling points for companies in villages and towns, and check the pass rate of water quality testing of water supply units according to relevant quality inspection standards.

Understand the sanitation standards of drinking water: In fact, the sanitation standards of drinking water are not static, it is constantly adjusted and improved with the continuous progress of society and the actual situation of water resources!