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Shortcomings in the Monitoring of Surface Water
Date:2024-07-08 Browse: 9

More and more people in order to improve their living standards have chosen to start a business, with the increase of enterprises, the process of industrialization is also accelerating, although people are constantly improving is a good thing, but with the environmental pollution is bad. The discharge of pollutants such as vehicles, household waste and industrial wastewater is becoming more and more serious! It is precisely because such environmental quality is getting worse and worse, environmental monitoring has become an important indicator to judge environmental quality. Then this chapter water quality online monitoring instrument manufacturers will understand some drawbacks in the process of monitoring surface water.


First, Attention Must Be Paid to the Oline Detection of Surface Water

Through the actual situation, it is not difficult to find that there are still many problems in China’s surface water monitoring, and the main one is that the detection of surface water is not enough attention! Relevant departments have focused on environmental quality, but ignored that if you do not rely on the data analysis of online monitoring of water quality, aimless management measures and methods are obvious. It will lead to water pollution, environmental damage can not achieve effective management, and in serious cases will lead to death, which is not what we want to see! Therefore, we must understand the content of pollutants in the water body by detecting the surface water analysis, analyze whether it is harmful to nature and human body, and deal with it in time!


Second, The Law on Testing is Not in Place

As far as the current situation is concerned, China’s laws on surface water testing are still not in place, although there are already laws that have been mentioned in this regard, but there is no independent law that specifically provides for surface water testing, resulting in the relevant departments do not pay attention to surface water testing! There are no clear norms in the fluency of surface water detection and the quality of detection personnel, so that the detection content has not been effectively implemented, which has caused insufficient surface water monitoring. So it is necessary to make up for the monitoring of the law!


Third, Water Quality Monitoring Technology and Testing Equipment Need to Be Improved

Although, with the continuous progress of society, the water quality monitoring technology and equipment in our country have made great progress, but still need to be improved! Surface water monitoring is supported by sophisticated equipment and technology, and it is a factor that directly determines the quality of monitoring.