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The Development of Online Water Quality Monitoring Equipment to Date
Date:2024-06-20 Browse: 17

So far, online water quality monitoring equipment has experienced years of rapid development in the market industry, especially now with the continuous progress of society, water quality monitoring equipment is becoming increasingly competitive in the market!

For the protection and restoration of the Yangtze River and Yellow River, as well as the comprehensive governance of the Bohai Sea, whether in short-term environmental monitoring of water quality or long-term pollution control, water quality monitoring equipment will provide new development opportunities. We have learned that in recent years, many players have entered online monitoring of water quality in the industry. What we need to do is how to adapt to changes in market demand and enhance product competitiveness, which is a topic that enterprises related to online water quality monitoring equipment must face.

1.It is to promote the localization of online water quality monitoring technology equipment

We have found that there are already many domestic online water quality monitoring instrument companies with high repetition in their product range, and their technical content is not high. However, for high-end equipment and products, the market size is relatively small, mainly relying on imports. But we are also working hard on this point. With the intensification of competition, the company mainly focuses on improving the technical level of domestic equipment, enhancing product competitiveness, and increasing market share. So far, I can see that online water quality monitoring instruments, mainly imported equipment, will gradually shift to domestic equipment. Improving water quality monitoring equipment at home is an inevitable choice for sustainable development of enterprises.

2.The online monitoring technology and equipment for water quality can diversify and specialize the development of enterprises (note: due to more adjustments and research, only recent wastewater discharge standards are listed)

In recent years, monitoring indicators such as drinking water, industrial wastewater, and surface water quality have been adjusted, and the frequency and degree of adjustment are relatively rare. The continuous deepening of water environment protection and the formulation or revision of wastewater discharge standards in various industries will have new requirements for online water quality monitoring equipment.

The analysis of the newly revised emission standards shows the following characteristics:

The main indicators of water quality monitoring include the addition of specific monitoring indicators. In order to meet market demand, water quality online monitoring equipment needs to have the monitoring ability of multiple projects and indicators simultaneously, and the monitoring ability of specifically designated emission sources. Water quality monitoring equipment will be developed in a diversified direction! I believe it will get better and better!


Manufacturers of Online Monitoring and Analysis Instruments for Water Quality


Hangzhou Modi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that produces various water quality analysis instruments and integrates marketing. Various water quality analyzers independently developed and produced are widely used in various industries to monitor water quality and safety.


The Main Products Used Include


Total phosphorus online analyzer, COD online analyzer, Biological toxicity online analyzer, Water quality E. coli online analyzer, Water heavy metal online monitoring instrument, Total residual chlorine online analyzer, etc.