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What are the Consequences of Neglecting Water Quality Monitoring?
Date:2024-06-18 Browse: 17

In fact, when it comes to water quality issues, they have received widespread attention from the people, especially with the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, which has raised concerns about water quality safety among relevant departments! Water quality monitoring plays a significant role. Because of this, there are still a few people who, due to financial reasons, have not purchased water quality monitoring equipment and are unable to conduct monitoring, or have purchased equipment, but in order to reduce costs, it is rare to use it once a year. This won’t work!


Why not? What are the Consequences of Neglecting Water Quality Monitoring? There are Two Key Aspects


1.Discharging or drinking water containing excessive parameters not only poses a great threat to the ecological environment, but also causes significant harm to human health, and in severe cases, can lead to death!

The following is a brief explanation of several common damages to human health caused by excessive drinking water quality

[Lead]Harmful to the kidneys and nervous system, highly toxic to children, and carcinogenic has been proven;

[Cadmium]Acute damage to the kidneys;

[Arsenic]Harmful to the skin, nervous system, etc., carcinogenicity has been proven;

[Mercury]It causes great harm to the human body, with the main organs being the kidneys and central nervous system;

[Selenium]High concentrations can harm muscles and nervous systems;

2.It is precisely because water pollution poses a great threat to nature that relevant departments have developed a parameter index through research. Regardless of the industry, sewage must be discharged or used in a safe and compliant manner! If there are some who do not attach importance to water quality monitoring, once discovered by relevant departments, corresponding punishments will be imposed (mild cases will be fined RMB, and serious cases will be sentenced to imprisonment)! So please don’t have any lucky mentality, so that you can rest assured and won’t cause harm to everyone!




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