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How to Determine that Sewage is Discharged Beyond the Standard
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According to the requirements for sewage discharge, it cannot be directly discharged without any treatment. So how should we determine that sewage is discharged beyond the standard? In this chapter, the manufacturer of online water quality monitoring equipment will learn and understand together with everyone in the future!


Can Only Online Monitoring Data Be Used to Determine Excessive Emissions? Not Really!


In administrative penalty cases, only after being reviewed and recognized can it be used as the basis for determining the punishment. Due to the particularity of administrative penalties, administrative agencies need to provide evidence on the rationality and legality of their penalties. That is to say, if online water quality monitoring data is used as evidence of exceeding the standard, other evidence materials are needed to verify the authenticity, legality, and correlation of the automatic monitoring data report form for key pollution sources.

At the same time, Article 36 of the Measures for Environmental Administrative Punishments also stipulates that “the competent environmental protection department may use online monitoring or other technical monitoring methods to collect evidence of illegal activities. The validity data recognized by the competent environmental protection department can be used as evidence for determining the facts of illegal activities.”.

It can be seen that online monitoring data, as evidence for determining illegal facts, requires other evidence to verify the authenticity, legality, and relevance of the data.


So What are the Conditions for Data to Be Recognized as Valid Data?


· The online monitoring equipment that generates data must comply with the provisions of laws and regulations.

· The process of generating data must comply with the provisions of laws and regulations.

The automatic water quality monitoring equipment can be stably connected to the monitoring center, and the data transmission is normal; Standardized equipment operation, use, and management; Daily inspections, regular maintenance, and numerical verification are carried out normally; The sampling location, sampling frequency, and related data must comply with the requirements of the corresponding technical specifications.

From the above, we can understand that it is necessary to provide online monitoring equipment and evidence that the data generation process complies with laws and regulations to determine the excessive discharge of sewage. A single monitoring data is definitely not feasible!


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