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How to Determine If There Are Problems With the Quality of Drinking Water in Daily Life?
Date:2024-06-26 Browse: 14

Speaking of “water”, we are already familiar with it! It is an indispensable resource in our daily lives. For drinking water, it is directly applicable to daily life and should not be taken lightly. So how should we determine if there is a problem with the quality of drinking water in daily life?

One method is that it can be seen with the naked eye. If the water quality is turbid and particularly dirty, it cannot be directly consumed. For example, in the community, you will see a notice stating that the water supply will be cut off for one day, which is actually washing the water tower and pipes to ensure the safety of water quality for everyone! If not cleaned regularly, we will find that the water released from the tap water at the beginning is rusty dirt, especially dirty.

So another method is to monitor water quality online, which can directly monitor the content of water parameters, such as residual chlorine, Escherichia coli, chromaticity, COD, BOD, heavy metals, etc. If any exceeding standards are detected, they can only be consumed after timely handling.

Domestic water is transported through a layered water supply system, and now our policies on urban water supply are becoming increasingly strict, resulting in corresponding improvements in water quality. The water coming out of the water plant is transported through multiple layers of pipelines for multiple supply. The water here is monitored and treated to ensure that all indicators meet the standards before being transported to users.


As for the instruments required for monitoring, instruments with different parameters also vary, such as COD-COD online analyzer, Monitoring chromaticity – water quality chromaticity online monitoring instrument, Monitoring of residual chlorine in water – Total residual chlorine online analyzer,BOD monitoring – BOD speedometer, etc.