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From What Aspects can Environmental Water Quality Monitoring be Viewed?
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We know that different environments have different parameters for water quality monitoring, so what are the main ways to look at it? In this chapter, the manufacturer of online water quality monitoring equipment is here to learn and understand together with everyone!

Wastewater monitoring can mainly be divided into surface water monitoring, industrial and domestic wastewater monitoring, and rural domestic wastewater monitoring. The specific instructions are as follows:

1.In simple terms, surface water monitoring refers to monitoring the issue of surface water pollution. With the rapid advancement of industrialization, water quality issues are becoming increasingly severe. Currently, many lakes (reservoirs) in China are in an eutrophic state, and surface water pollution is more prominent, posing a great threat to the ecological environment and personal health.

The monitoring items in the monitoring station include water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, turbidity, permanganate index, total organic carbon (TOC), ammonia nitrogen, etc. The analytical instruments used are all instruments that meet relevant technical requirements and have been verified as qualified.

2.Industrial and domestic wastewater monitoring. The continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the environmental pollution caused by industrial and domestic wastewater discharge are also worrying.

For example, for the main water pollutants such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals, volatile phenols emitted during the production process in industries such as energy and raw materials (metals, chemicals), we can monitor wastewater quality according to standards and local standards of provinces and cities, providing scientific data support for production process improvement and water quality control.

3.Monitoring of rural domestic wastewater. With the advancement of technology, China’s agricultural production methods have also undergone significant changes, but we know that organic fertilizers such as farmyard manure have been replaced by the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers. Only one-third of the fertilizers used by farmers are absorbed by crops, one-third enter the atmosphere, and the remaining one-third remain in the soil. Excessive application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, insufficient application of potassium fertilizers, and uneven distribution between regions lead to soil compaction, soil degradation, and low fertilizer utilization efficiency. Soil and fertilizer nutrients are prone to loss, which can lead to pollution of surface water and groundwater, excessive salt content, and intensified eutrophication. In this way, we must do water quality monitoring to ensure the safety of surface water and groundwater!


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