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Real Time Online Monitoring of Water Quality to Ensure Water Safety
Date:2024-06-06 Browse: 23

The issue of water quality has always been a problem that we need to solve but has not yet been thoroughly resolved. In response to this issue, relevant departments will forcibly require some places to invest in online water quality monitoring equipment, which can achieve off-site water quality supervision, real-time monitoring and other data, and can timely detect and treat sewage.

Speaking of the issue with online water quality monitoring equipment, it has been installed in many counties! This device is responsible for collecting real-time data monitoring of water quality at the end of the official website (i.e. individual user water terminal) for drinking water in the county area, and monitoring water quality indicators such as turbidity, pH value, and residual chlorine. And automatically transmit the data to the online monitoring system for drinking water quality. By directing the operation of the equipment, local health supervision and law enforcement personnel do not need to conduct spot checks on water quality on site, and can remotely view real-time water quality related data within the county at any time.

At present, the online monitoring system for drinking water quality is located in the Provincial Health Supervision Bureau. Health supervision institutions at all levels install online monitoring equipment and open their own monitoring accounts through the network. Through the drinking water online monitoring system, they can constantly grasp the changes in water quality at monitoring points. Once abnormal monitoring indicators occur, the system can issue warning messages, and the health supervision department will immediately notify relevant departments to investigate and rectify, promptly eliminate water pollution hazards, and ensure water safety for the public.


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