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What is Involved in Online Monitoring of Hospital Wastewater?
Date:2024-06-05 Browse: 17

Hospital waste water treatment is a very important link, precisely because of this, water quality online monitoring has become the focus of attention! The amount of E. coli bacteria in hospital wastewater must be monitored. However, monitoring residual chlorine after the 2020 novel coronavirus outbreak is also an important monitoring project! Why is that?

We know that the general sewage treatment monitoring effluent COD, PH and so on; The main monitoring of hospital sewage is bacteria, which is to increase a sterilization and disinfection link than the general sewage. Because the hospital wastewater will contain a large number of pathogenic bacteria, it must be discharged after disinfection. The main component of the disinfectant commonly used for wastewater disinfection is chlorine. The residue of disinfectant is proportional to the content of bacteria in the water, which means that the corresponding disinfectant will be consumed while killing bacteria. If there is a lot of disinfectant left, there are relatively few bacteria in the water. What should be monitored is whether the concentration of bacteria in the discharge water meets the discharge standard!

Then the hospital wastewater quality online monitoring device generally includes COD, ammonia nitrogen, total organic carbon, pH, temperature, flow, E. coli and other monitoring! It is necessary to install the corresponding water quality online monitor in the hospital! Hospital wastewater monitoring is a big and important project!


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