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Strengthen the Ability of Online Water Quality Monitoring
Date:2024-06-26 Browse: 13

At present, there are still many water quality monitoring methods that mainly rely on manual monitoring, including mobile monitoring and laboratory monitoring after sampling. This makes it feel more troublesome and takes longer. So how do we strengthen our ability to monitor water quality?


Conduct online water quality monitoring, install equipment at monitoring points, and achieve continuous real-time monitoring! In China, there are relatively few indicators for water environment monitoring, which cannot accurately track the situation of the water environment. Why do you say that? The online monitoring method for water quality allows for real-time data collection, high accuracy, low labor costs, and can also meet the requirements of continuous supervision of water environment quality. For drinking water source areas, building a large-scale online water quality monitoring system to complete the monitoring tasks of surface water, drinking water and other water sources. So, based on the changes in water quality, comprehensive monitoring projects related to toxic substances, heavy metals, and aquatic ecology should be carried out. The required instruments should be updated in a timely manner in terms of configuration and monitoring methods, and the drinking situation of new water quality monitoring technologies should be fully utilized. A three-dimensional water quality monitoring network should be established to strengthen its online monitoring capabilities.

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