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When the Water Quality Testing Equipment is Working Properly, You Need to Know!
Date:2024-06-24 Browse: 11

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and technological progress of economic socialism, the management of water environment monitoring systems has been increasingly valued by everyone. Therefore, establishing a water quality monitoring station for operation has become a necessary course for us. So what about some minor issues with online water quality monitoring instruments in the engineering work? In this chapter, the editor will learn about it with you from three main aspects: students!

1.In the case of multiple interfering substances in wastewater, the selection of water quality monitoring equipment or improper design cannot meet the routine monitoring of wastewater pollutants. In industrial enterprises, traditional online monitoring equipment for pollutants in high salinity wastewater cannot accurately measure the concentration of potassium dichromate COD, especially under high chloride conditions, due to the influence of salt water; In some wastewater industries with high chromaticity, optical metering and line separation equipment are used for photometric measurement methods, and the measurement accuracy directly affects the color of the sample and absorbance measurement, resulting in large deviation measurements; The sewage treatment facilities of sewage treatment plants have significant differences between the measurement data of most online monitoring devices and laboratory data due to the increased amount of imported water and sludge, resulting in individual situations where online monitoring of imports is more common than that of exports.

2.The management functions and interfaces of the wastewater online monitoring technology equipment are incomplete, and the installation is not standardized, resulting in abnormal data analysis or lack of reference value for the student online monitoring system. There are some problems in the internal control program design algorithm research of some online monitoring network equipment companies for wastewater. In the case of missing samples or insufficient experience in drug absorption, we cannot learn relevant alarm records in a timely manner. When monitoring and investigation data exceeds the standard, we cannot determine whether we have exceeded the standard; Some teaching equipment lacks monitoring and data identification functions, making it impossible to effectively distinguish between normal monitoring data, calibration data, and quality control data resources. This results in psychological testing of quality control samples with relevant concentrations during the use of Chinese online data exceeding standards. The report of the exceeding data is the result of quality control testing data; Most water quality monitoring equipment can no longer fully meet the requirements of relevant national curriculum standards for online monitoring equipment, especially for the lack of external trigger measurement function and remote calibration clock function. Some equipment cannot upload the work life status of each employee in the measurement method process, and cannot fully achieve intelligent control in the true sense of society; In some cases, the installation of online monitoring equipment pipelines is not standardized, mainly manifested in the connection of the sampling water pump hose or the hose being too long, which is convenient for operation and maintenance, and also provides convenience for illegal pollution discharge units to interfere with online monitoring equipment sampling.

3.For long-term or intermittent drainage and non drainage enterprises, in order to ensure online measurement and monitoring equipment, the sampling pump placed in the monitoring data of the non drainage and discharge unit has changed, rather than too many stagnant water pits. According to relevant standards and document requirements, in the case of intermittent discharge, the monitoring data should not be less than the number of hourly discharges, and even the monitoring data of some online monitoring equipment should not be less than 12 days of locally required wastewater. Therefore, we have formed a system to ensure monitoring and supervision; Monitoring the increase in the formation of waste and waste materials without emission data is meaningless. The reason for this is twofold: on the one hand, it is caused by management factors, and on the other hand, the online monitoring equipment has no chain control function, that is, the flow triggers the sample or measurement, and the data form is illogical.