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Micro Low Temperature Incubator
product details

Product introduction


The micro-low temperature incubator is small in size and occupies an area of only 20cm; Powerful function, can be maintained at any low temperature below the ambient temperature for a long time.


Technical Index


Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz;
Rated power: 50W;
Temperature control range: (22℃ lower than the ambient temperature) ~ (ambient temperature);
Working environment temperature: 5-30℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%;
Temperature resolution: 0.1℃;
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃;
Inner box size: 56*56*120 (length * width * height, unit mm);
Outer box size: 210*190*195 (length * width * height, unit mm);




· The outer shell of this product is made of high-quality thin steel sheet, and the surface is sprayed with plastic;

· The aluminum alloy seal of the inner box prevents leakage (leakage will reduce the insulation capacity of the thermal insulation board);

· Equipped with high quality insulation board, strong insulation capacity, reduce the impact of environmental temperature on the internal temperature of the incubator, and long service life of the product;

· Temperature control device adopts adaptive temperature control LCD display, high temperature control precision, automatic memory of power failure, temperature correction, restore factory Settings and other functions.