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Conventional Pollution Online Monitoring Instrument
Permanganate Index Online Analyzer
product details

Product model: CODMn-8000


System overview


After the sample is filtered, it is sent to the digestion tank. At the same time, the analyzer controls the heating device for heating. Potassium melanoate is added to the digestion tank in sequence, and the concentrated sulfuric acid is digested at 100℃. The digestion time can be selected according to the raw water quality. By measuring the absorbance to convert the high Bate index concentration of the water to be measured, the system will automatically clean the entire measuring system with pure water after measurement to ensure accurate measurement next time.


Method classification


· Acid high potassium acid method: used for conventional surface water to drink groundwater;

· Alkaline high potassium acid method: used for unconventional water bodies such as seawater;


System features


· Maintenance Free Design

The water sample pre-treatment device adopts a maintenance free design, which can ensure that the maintenance cycle of the pre-treatment device exceeds six months;



· Chemical Digestion Time Can Be Adjusted

The chemical digestion time can be adjusted, and the measurement process and results meet relevant standards;


· Adjustable Quantitative Sampling Device

Ensure that the instrument accurately measures various water samples by adjusting the reagent dosage and sampling amount;


· Non Contact Injection Pump

The use of reagents adopts a non-contact injection pump to avoid direct corrosion of the reagent pump, which can extend the service life of core components and reduce user usage costs;


· All Imported Devices

The analysis of flow path design and reagent formulation ensures measurement reproducibility, with a current measurement reproducibility of up to 5%;


· Fully Automatic Operation

No need for personnel on duty, it can achieve intelligent functions such as automatic zero adjustment, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, and automatic recovery;


· Diversified Online Monitoring Methods

It can achieve measurement methods such as manual measurement at any time, automatic timed measurement, and automatic periodic measurement;


· Leakage Reminder Function

When there is a reagent leak, the instrument automatically prompts the user to perform maintenance.


Technical parameters


Measurement method: potassium high bornate colorimetric method;
Test range: 0~ 10/50/300mg /L;
Accuracy: 10%;
Repeatability: 5%;
Corresponding time (>90%) : automatic determination, minimum 6min;
Test mode: timing, equal interval, manual;
Reagent consumption: no more than 2ml per measurement;
Analog output: 4-20mA analog output;
Data transmission mode: RS232, RS485, RPRS;
Display: 8-inch color touch screen, resolution is 800*600;
Data storage: five years of valid data;
Digestion temperature: 175℃;
Working temperature: +0℃ +40℃;
Power supply: 200V AC± 10%/50-60Hz;
Power consumption: approximately 100W;
Size: 530×1340×390mm;
Weight: approximately 45KG.