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Conventional Pollution Online Monitoring Instrument
Total Phosphorus Two-in-one Water Quality Online Analyzer
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System Overview


COD-TP-8000-COD total Phosphorus two-in-one water quality online analyzer is a new generation of online analyzer in line with China’s standards and industry standards. One instrument can simultaneously determine the chemical oxygen demand (COD), total phosphorus (TP) in water, and the online determination method of each factor to be measured is in line with the current national standards and industry requirements, the type and number of parameters to be measured can be any combination, users can order any type of multi-parameter water quality online analyzer according to actual needs.


Various Water Quality Parameters are Measured As Follows


COD measurement: UV spectroscopy or chromium method is optional;

The total phosphorus can be selected by ammonium molybdate colorimetric method and ultraviolet rapid determination method.


System Features


1.Automatic online determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total phosphorus (TP) parameters in water can be arbitrarily combined and customized.

2.One instrument can simultaneously measure large multi-parameter water quality, saving the use cost.

3.Flexible calibration of standard solution ensures high accuracy.

4.Unique optical quantitative algorithm ensures high repeatability.

5.The flexible setting of the reaction time ensures that any water sample can be accurately monitored.

6.The injection pump has a long service life and only needs to be replaced once every three years.

7.The external sampling adopts two ways: submersible pump and self-priming pump.

8.Online monitoring methods are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods.

9.Advanced self-diagnosis, alarm system, when the sample suddenly interrupted, there is a prompt signal.

10.Simple operation and maintenance.


Technical Parameters


Measurement methods: chromium method, photoelectric colorimetric method;
Test range: COD: (0-1000) mg/L;

total phosphorus: (0-10) mg/L;

Accuracy: <10%;
Repeatability: COD<5%, total phosphorus <5%;
Test method: timing, equal interval, manual, continuous measurement;
Correction mode: automatic timing correction or manual correction;
Pretreatment maintenance: automatic cleaning, or manual cleaning;
Daily maintenance: clean the filter of the external sampling pump every three months;

clean the quantitative tube every six months or choose to replace the quantitative tube;

the syringe and digestion tank can be replaced every three years;

replace the filter module in the pretreatment unit once a year;

Self-test system: self-monitoring of leaks; Instrument status self-diagnosis.
Analog output: 4– 20mA analog output;
Relay control: 2 24V 1A relay high and low point control;
Data transmission mode: ; 4-20 mA, RS232, RS485
Display: 8.0 inch color touch screen, resolution 800×600;
Data storage: one year of valid data;
Operating temperature: +0 ~ 40°C;
Power supply: (220±20) VAC /(50±0.5) Hz;
Power consumption: about 100W;
Size: 590×700×360mm;
Weight: about 35kg.