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Analysis of the Current Situation of Online Water Quality Monitoring Industry
Date:2024-05-31 Browse: 39

In order to ensure stable and standard discharge of water quality, we usually install various online water quality monitoring instruments to achieve real-time monitoring of sewage. In this chapter, manufacturers of online water quality monitoring instruments are here to learn about the current status of the water quality online monitoring industry!

The traditional environmental water quality monitoring work mainly relies on manual on-site sampling and laboratory instrument analysis. But this method has many drawbacks, such as scattered monitoring data and large sampling errors. It is precisely because of this that automatic online monitoring of water quality has become an effective means for relevant departments to obtain continuous monitoring data in a timely manner. In a short period of time, the water quality information of the water source will be sent to the environmental analysis center server, which can immediately see the situation of pollutants and take targeted measures. From this, it can be seen that the advantage of online water quality monitoring is the ability to automatically, quickly, and accurately obtain water quality data. The application of automatic water quality monitoring system helps environmental protection departments establish a large-scale monitoring network to collect data and determine the pollution status of the target area! With the development of monitoring technology, online monitoring of environmental water quality is also moving towards automation, intelligence, and networking!

For example, in sewage treatment plants, a large number of automated online instruments are installed. Through monitoring and analysis, a clear comparison is made, that is, the water quality monitoring instruments installed inside the plant area will be greater than the water quantity statistics instruments; During the process of sewage collection and transportation, there are no water quality monitoring instruments. In practical operation, two inevitable problems are:

1) The instruments used to monitor the incoming water quality in the factory cannot maintain 24-hour fault free operation throughout the year;

2) The urban sewage discharged into the sewage pipeline network from unknown sources exceeding the standard will reach the collection well in the factory area, and the time is uncertain.

Once the water quality is strongly impacted and the monitoring instrument for controlling the incoming water quality in the factory fails, the consequences for the production and operation of the sewage plant are unimaginable. It can be seen from this that it is necessary to install online water quality monitoring instruments in urban sewage pumping stations, and certain measures have been taken.

Wastewater testing projects in different industries:

·Surface water monitoring items: pH, dissolved oxygen, permanganate index, five-day biochemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, copper, zinc, selenium, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), lead, volatile phenols, petroleum, anionic surfactants, sulfides, and fecal coliforms.

·Industrial wastewater monitoring projects: suspended solids, pH, heavy metals, COD, volatile phenols, heavy metals, petroleum, sulfides, suspended solids, etc.


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