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Hangzhou Modi Tech Co., Ltd. English website officially launched
Date:2024-05-30 Browse: 30

Our website mainly promotes some online water monitoring equipment. Users with this need can follow us!
Hangzhou Modi Tech has independently developed and produced water quality analyzers, which are widely used in water source monitoring, environmental pollutiofn source monitoring, water treatment process monitoring, municipal pipeline water quality monitoring, water quality safety monitoring, rural drinking water monitoring, circulating cooling water monitoring, industrial circulating water reuse monitoring, pure water process monitoring, factory aquaculture monitoring, swimming pool water operation management monitoring, and on-site emergency water quality safety monitoring, all of which require water quality analysis. Our main products include COD online analyzer, BOD online analyzer, total organic carbon online analyzer, nitrite online analyzer, total nitrogen online analyzer, total phosphorus online analyzer, biological toxicity online analyzer, Escherichia coli online analyzer, heavy metal water quality monitoring instrument, chloride online monitoring instrument, total residual chlorine online analyzer, sulfate online analyzer, urea online analyzer, etc.