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Interpret the Key Indicators of Water Quality Monitoring
Date:2024-07-05 Browse: 9

When it comes to water quality, this has always been a concern. Many cities, counties and towns have installed online water quality monitoring equipment, so that when the water quality changes, it helps to understand the water quality and trace the source of pollution. So what are the key indicators for water quality monitoring?

As for the key indicators of water quality monitoring, this is to determine which indicators need to be monitored according to your water quality. Here is a simple understanding of the place borrowed from a previous news article. Is located in the Jiangnan street near the Changshiling flood sluice, another small house, the house installed is unattended automatic water quality monitoring station, 24 hours automatic monitoring! The key indicators of water quality monitoring in this project are reflected in three aspects, one is ammonia nitrogen, the second is total phosphorus, and the third is potassium permanganate.

In fact, this is not a place, there are many places in order to real-time monitoring of water quality, have installed automatic water quality monitoring stations, respectively in the cities around the automatic water quality monitoring stations have been more and more, once found water quality data exceeded or some abnormal changes, it will quickly analyze willing to find the source of sewage!

Another reminder for all users: The water quality monitoring instruments used by different index parameters are different, do not think that they are the same because they look the same, when buying such direct heavy metal monitoring equipment such as total lead and total silver, or online monitoring of drinking water, it is too wide, be sure to understand your specific needs of ammonia nitrogen online monitoring instrument or total phosphorus online analyzer.